Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes in Lehigh County

You will need a strong defense in any violent crime in Lehigh County.  Whether you are charged with assault, robbery, homicide, or domestic violence, you are facing tough judges, tough prosecutors, and potential jail.  Your back is already against the wall because the government of Lehigh County and Pennsylvania is looking to get a conviction.  These cases are not for the weak-hearted.

You have to start considering your options and the facts behind the case.  Was it self-defense?  Was it for the protection of others?  Just because there was an incident and an injury does not mean it was your fault.  Sex crimes involve a lot of medical data.  In addition, however, it may include psychiatric records.  Frequently, the alleged victim suffers (prior to the allegation) from significant mental health and/or drug issues.  These false statements can be beaten.

Defenses to Violent Crimes

Be ready for a battle with the prosecutors.  They are not going to want to drop the charges no matter what.  Your Lehigh County criminal attorney better get the process started properly.  Normally, this means have a full Preliminary Hearing where a stenographer is present to record the proceeding.  Investigate all witnesses and alleged victims.  Obtain medical records and, if appopriate, get an expert witness to review them.  Also, your Lehigh County criminal attorney must find out the proof the Commonwealth thinks they have to get a conviction.    As you can see, there is a lot of investigation.

Some violent crime cases involve whether there was intent to cause harm.  Harm can be bodily injury.  Your Lehigh County lawyer should have case law that outlines intent and injury.

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