Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations in Lehigh County

Traffic violations can seem like a very small and minor inconvenience.  However, unfortunately, many can “snowball” into bigger problems, including steep fines, insurance increases, license suspensions, and even jail.  If you are charged, for example, with driving 31mph over the speed limit, you trigger a departmental hearing with PennDot.  Some cases, like a 1543(b), carries a mandatory minimum of 60 days in jail on a first offense.

For most tickets, you have a choice of mailing in a guilty plea or “not guilty” plea.  You should always enter a “not guilty” plea, although your first thought may be to just get it over with and plead guilty.  You should also contact Attorney Gail Marr for a free consultation to review your traffic matter to see if it requires the services of a Lehigh County criminal and traffic lawyer.

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