DUI in Lehigh County

Lehigh DUI Lawyer

The most commonly charged crime in America and Lehigh County is Driving Under the Influence.  My firm has handled over 5,000 DUI’s.  You will have to understand that there are significant penalties which include a license suspension and possible jail time.

You must understand that Lehigh County DUI’s have penalties determined by the number of prior offenses as well as your Blood Alcohol Content.  You are going to read a lot on the internet about DUI penalties and ARD programs.  A lot may not apply to Lehigh County.  Your best bet is to call Gail Marr, a Lehigh County criminal attorney, for a free consultation so she can explain to you the process and the potential penalties.

In addition, she will discuss the related defenses to your stop.  Specifically, she may be able to challenge the initial stop of your vehicle and suppress the subsequent evidence.

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