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Gail Marr is perhaps most proud of her client’s satisfaction.  Her firm has over 100 positive reviews on for a reason — results and experience matter in Lehigh County criminal defense.  Here is a sampling of the reviews she’s received:

From William, a DUI Client’s father:

“I hired Gail as the Attorney to represent my son for his DUI charge that he received last fall. I found Gail to be very straight forward, honest and direct. She reviewed the details of the case and was very thorough in her representation of my son and was able to have the DUI charge thrown out during the hearing. I would definitely look at hiring Gail in the future if some other legal issues would arise. As I said earlier if you want a no nonsense, straight forward and ethical person to represent you, I would not hesitate to tell you to give Gail a call.”

From a DUI client in Lehigh County:

“Working with Gail Marr is the best decision that I’ve ever made.  Gail Marr should be your first call if you have been arrested for DUI/DWI. I was fortunate enough to have Gail handle my case and I am convinced that she is the sole reason that I am driving today. As a first time offender I was embarrassed, ashamed, and scared for my livelihood. Gail took the time to learn the facts of my situation and she devised a strategy to help me avoid a suspension. Gail’s experience, skill, and her genuine interest in each client’s situation is what makes her standout in the ‘crowd”. I will be forever grateful to Gail for her work on my case.”

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From Beth & Kevin, a Lehigh County client:

“Best Pick In Town!!!!!  Gail Marr is the best lawyer we could have chosen. She is incredibly knowledgeable and well versed regarding the law. She was able to prove the charges were not accurate by any means. All of my charges were dismissed. (3 misdeamors) . She also defended my husband who was facing 8 charges, 3 of which were felonies. Got everything reduced down to 3 summary offenses!! She is absolutely wonderful & I highly recommend Gail to anyone seeking a very wise, intelligent & passionate lawyer to hire Gail Marr. She is insightful & committed to her clients!”

From Sean, an assault client:

“The Best Around!  I was innocent and no one believe me except Gail.  She took my case, worked  out a payment plan, and beat the case.  Without Gail, I would be haunted forever with a conviction.  Done.  She’s my lawyer for the rest of my life until I die.”

From Candice, a theft client:

“I screwed up and went to Gail.  I was looking at jail time.  I needed help.  A friend recommended Gail because she had good results with her.  Gail met me in her Allentown office and put me at ease immediately.  I only had a little probation.  She is a life saver.”

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