What is ARD in Lehigh County?

ARD in Lehigh County is short for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.  It is captured in the Pennsylvania Criminal Code and is administered by the Lehigh County District Attorney’s office.  It is a pre-trial diversionary program to alleviate some of the burden of a Lehigh County criminal case.

Benefits of the ARD program include no jail time, a reduced license suspension (for Lehigh DUI’s), and lesser court costs and fines.  The biggest benefit to most individuals is that they will be able to have their criminal record expunged and keep their history clean for future employment.

Lehigh County criminal attorney Gail Marr will put you in the best position to evaluate your “ARD eligibility”.  Frequently, ARD is the preferred “path of least resistance”, but it is not a guarantee.  Gail has had to use her legal knowledge and expertise to set clients up for ARD, whether through a reconsideration or reduction in charges.  Do not think ARD is a sure thing!

Are you eligible?

First-time offenders charged with certain assault, drug, financial crimes (i.e. theft), or DUI may qualify for the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program.  Even with a prior ARD, you may be eligible.  You must not be charged with a felony and the charges, in general, are that it must be a “non-violent” crime.  You must be in a position to pay court costs and fines and complete a period of probation.  There may also be community service that will have to be performed.

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