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Gail  has been a practicing criminal defense attorney in Lehigh County for 20 years.  Gail attended Rutgers University in Camden, N.J. and one year at the University of Connecticut.  She passed the legal bar exam and was admitted to practice in four states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island. She is an attorney with the esteemed criminal defense law firm of Young, Klein & Associates where she has handled thousands of cases as a defense attorney located in Lehigh County.

Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney in Lehigh County, Gail is also a former assistant district attorney.  She handled thousands of cases and became an experienced trial attorney.  This background has provided Gail with significant experience in criminal defense in the Lehigh area.

Thus, Gail is well versed in the “in’s and out’s” of both sides of the legal system and uses that experience to your best advantage.  She never forgets that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Since Gail has resided in our local area for many years, she is familiar with all the components in our legal system, including police, district and court judges and prosecutors in the district attorney’s office.

Criminal Defense Lawyer With Experience in Lehigh County

Once you meet Gail Marr for your Lehigh County criminal case, you will understand the accolades she has received.  She has represented clients on all levels of misdemeanor and felony charges.  She has the ability to be a tough, hardened litigator and a skilled, tactile negotiator.  Gail has the foundational belief that aggressive representation is the key to successful results in all Lehigh County criminal matters.  She further makes communication a priority with her clients not only to discuss changes in trial or legal strategy, but for process changes.

Additionally, Gail meets clients at mutually convenient times and is willing to adjust her schedule when necessary or when unexpected client emergencies occur. Evening hours are also available for a free consultation.  With Gail, you will never be left in a lurch or feel alone.  She is the real deal in the real legal world.  After your first conversation you will definitely feel better knowing the right lawyer has your back.  Call Gail now at 215-499-8408.  Gail  offers  FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS with no obligation on your part.  GET THE ANSWERS YOU NEED NOW.

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