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Lehigh County Criminal Defense Attorney

Lehigh County Criminal Lawyer

Experienced Lehigh County Criminal Attorney Gail Marr, Esquire is no ordinary lawyer and your situation right now probably is definitely not ordinary.  As a Lehigh County criminal attorney, she knows what is important to you right now.  You may feel as though you are thrown up against a wall mentally and perhaps physically speaking.  If you are charged with a crime, rest assured the prosecutor works diligently on strong offensive arguments.  You need a criminal defense lawyer who provides the best defensive  arguments and is familiar with all the nuances of the law which will benefit you.  That Lehigh County criminal defense lawyer you need right now is Gail Marr.

Gail Marr has carved out her reputation on strong criminal defense in Lehigh County.  As a former prosecutor, she has handled thousands of cases in private practice.  She knows the Lehigh County process and how to best prepare your case for the best possible outcome throughout the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas.

Criminal cases in Lehigh County are hectic and tough.  You should not get a lawyer who lacks experience and results.  With a storied history at her firm, Young, Klein & Associates, Gail Marr can provide you a free consultation to review your Lehigh County Criminal case.

Aggressive Criminal Defense in Lehigh

Gail Marr has handled over a thousand criminal cases, including DUI’s, drug cases, assault charges, thefts, robberies, sex assaults, and domestic violence.  Regardless of where you are in the process — pre-charge/indictment, charged, post-preliminary hearing, or approaching trial, Gail Marr and her firm Young, Klein & Associates, are prepared to fight for you.  She will not hesitate to file motions, craft defenses, and evaluate every step of your case to make sure your rights and your results are assured.

When you are ready for a free consultation, review of your case, and the potential defenses, contact Gail Marr, Esquire, a Lehigh County Criminal Lawyer at 215-499-8408.


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